St Margaret's

'Class of 1968'



It has been decided to postpone LUNCH CLUB #7 till Mid December 2020 to coincide with the festive season.

Hopefully, by then we will be back to a sense of normality and the Hotel patron numbers won't be an issue.

Keep checking back in coming weeks for more details as the socializing situation improves. 


Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



Well , I hope all of our classmates,their families and friends are faring well during this difficult time.

I think I can assume for all of us, this is the most extraordinary,troublesome and protracted time we 68'ers have ever shared here in Australia.

Thankfully, we live in a very safe place geographically, which is occupied mostly by sensible ,responsible and caring people. Sure, there was a bit of panic at first and perhaps the ugly side of some people emerged, but this was short and but a 'blip on the screen' of Australia's cultural character.

So many amazing stories of courage,unselfishness and unsolicited care in order to help fellow Aussies have been reported. Many stories have yet to be told when this all settles down.

We are so lucky to have those in the essential services such as Hospitals,Pharmacies,Clinics,Aged

Care, Disability Care & Emergency Services. Also. let's not forget those who work at the Supermarkets and retail outlets to ensure we  can get those essential supplies we need.

Just such an important person is our classmate Judy Allen picture below. It was a pleasant surprise to get a copy of the article from Peter Brazelis( thanks Peter). We caught up with Judy for the first time since 1968 at our November 2019 'Lunch Club'. ( Refer Lunch Club' tab in members Area ). 

Thankyou Judy for all you do, so we can be 'in a good place'. Thankyou also to all our other classmates and their family members who are required / or offer to 'Stand Their Ground', often in harms way.


Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



The Class of 1968  'LUNCH CLUB' #5 , had a slightly different feel about it, though, for the most part,we managed to avoid any Doom & Gloom talk. We knew something serious was afoot and so made the most of this get together.We were there to have a good time and a few laughs and that's what we did.


We all of course discussed the Corona Virus and what possibly lay ahead. Whilst we a keen to catch up again on the 15th May,we realize this is likely very optimistic.   Updates on the date will be posted here and via email as they occur.

Also,among things discussed, was the recent sad, passing of our classmate 

David McAuliffe. (see Members Area)

Just a reminder that all 'Class of 1968' past pupils and their spouses/partners/carers etc are most welcome to join us at our Bi-Monthly catch up.


Pictures of the gang at the Fyansford Hotel, are available to view in the members area under the 'Lunch Club' Tab.

NEXT LUNCH CLUB: 1pm, Friday 15th May, 2020 - Fyansford Hotel 

(POSTPONED TILL Friday 10th July)


NB: (Check Back Here Prior)

On behalf of 'The Class of 1968', I would like to wish you & yours, good luck, good health and God's protection through this difficult time.       



Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



The Class of 1968  'LUNCH CLUB' #4 , was as amazing as all previous events.

Held on the 10th Jan 2020, us guys & gals once more occupied the notorious 'Table 14' at the Fyansford Hotel and played havoc with the poor staff and the struggling acoustics of the room.

We are so 'Happily' loud when we fire up!!!

And I must say, it doesn't take long for us St Margies kids to Fire Up !!!

But the Hotel has, over the months, become used to us adorably wise, elders and our need to laugh incessantly ,plus request the young waiters to take a group pic of us every hour or case one of us 'checks out' mid meal ...LOL

Those young waiters are so delightful and accommodating.

Our group is continually impressed with the quality of food and service at the Fyansford.

Magnificently cooked , presented and served in a very timely fashion.

I for one, am looking forward to the next one.

We are so hoping you can get along too.


Per Usual, special thanks to those who managed to get along this time & also thanks to those who have joined us in the past.

Some wonderful pics are available to view in the members area under the 'Lunch Club' Tab

BTW.....Teaser.....A Special participant ( in the photos ) arrived towards the end of the event. 

Check it out !

NEXT LUNCH CLUB: 1pm, Friday 13th March, 2020 - Fyansford Hotel

Just a reminder that all 'Class of 1968' past pupils and their spouses/partners/carers etc are most welcome to join us at our Bi-Monthly catch up.



Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



To All Our Classmates..........................Seasons Greetings &  a   .... Very 'Merry Christmas'!

On Behalf of all your good buddies at 'St Margaret's 1968', we wish and pray that you have a magnificent Christmas catch-up with your family and friends.

Take a 'squizz' at the magnificent pic above.

For many, this will touch a direct nerve.

For others, it will stir them much about their beautiful parents and how deeply they loved them.

So Looking forward to catching up with YOU gang in 2020.

Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



Words just can't describe the emotion , both I and other team organizers experienced last Saturday, as our expected classmates and indeed their family members wandered into the

Eastern Gardens BBQ area with magnificent smiles / grins 

upon their faces .

What a Hoot !!!

YEAH.......We 'went out on a limb' all honesty.......we really did expect a flop.

How in heck could we be so wrong about our  Geelong buddies !!!!!!!!

Below is a glimpse photo of the festivities.


Below is a photo of Our Mob Celebrating our time together at St Margaret's.

Here is a 

Left to Right: Aaron Harvey (ie: Frank's Son),Terry Fowler,Adrian Jordan,David Dolley , 

& Peter O'Keeffe.


More photos & Video to come as I have time to process them :)

Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



Due to popular request at our Reunion last year,  there is to be a gathering of the 'Class of 1968' on approaching.., Saturday the 7th of December 2019. 

It is a casual arrangement ........a Family & Friends Day.

No Committees, Organizing or RSVPs. Just a chance to catch up.

Bring all interested parties along with you.


The More the Merrier!!!


It will kick off at 12pm.

It is planned to have a 'Flag/Banner' of sorts ,notably in 'St Margaret's Mauve' ,displayed in a suitable location.


Some of you have asked if an early morning arrival to 'Barz a Council BBQ' might be prudent.

BTW: Does anyone remember the term 'BARZ'?

Can't find it on Google but essentially, I think it meant 'To Grab First Claim'.


If you are so inclined to storm the beaches early on Saturday 7th, to secure a Council Electric BBQ Hotplate....BRAVO !!

Similar praise to anyone who drags along their own portable,BBQ system.

Generally,all of us should just feel free to 'rock up' on the day ...... with your picnic baskets & gear , at a time you feel suitable....and see what happens....  :)

If you cant spot the 'Mauve Flag' ....  I imagine Adrian's, (ie: AJ's) Bus will be a definite Giveaway as to where we are positioned.



If there is enough interest and it proves a success, this might evolve into an annual event.


See Poster Below........( Hope you Like my 60's style, Artistic Interpretation )


Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



Our 3rd 'LUNCH CLUB' last Friday

was a Gem !!!

So wonderful to have #3 new participants join us. 

As per usual, we laughed and carried on like little kids. In fact I think we made more noise than a nearby children's party ( ie: The kids "Couldn't Hear Themselves Think" ! ).

The amazing appearance of one of our long, lost classmates was particularly special as she missed out on both our 1988 & 2018 School Reunions. She related numerous stories we hadn't heard before. Among other things discussed was the upcoming 'Class of 1968' School Picnic on Sat 7th Dec.

The food was delicious as usual although disappointingly, none of us were asked to present a card when purchasing the 'Seniors Meal'. Apparently , no proof of age necessary. LOL

All looking forward to the next one. Hope you can get along too.


Thanks to those who managed to get there. 

A photo of the participants can be seen inside the members area under the 'Lunch Club' Tab.

You can become a member of our web site by clicking the 'Log In' button above.


Just a reminder that all 'Class of 1968' past pupils and their spouses/partners/carers etc are most welcome to join us at our Bi-Monthly catch up.



Best Regards....................Frank Harvey




Yesterday we held our 2nd 'Lunch Club ' gathering at the Fyansford Hotel. Thanks to those who managed to get there. We had a marvelous meal , chatting and laughing about anything and everything.

A photo of the participants can be seen inside the members area under the 'Lunch Club' Tab.

You can become a member of our web site by clicking the 'Log In' button above.


Just a reminder that all 'Class of 1968' past pupils and their spouses/partners/carers etc are most welcome to join us at our Bi-Monthly catch up.

You can become a member

It was a great day all around with the Cats bringing home the bacon that night. Well done Cats!


Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



A video has  been uploaded which is a bit of a tribute to all of us kids who lived in Geelong circa 1960's. 

It is exclusive to members area of this site & won't be available on Youtube.

Click on the 'Pictorial' Tab.

I hope you enjoy it and recognize its subtleties,



Best Regards....................Frank Harvey

'LUNCH CLUB'  Was Launched

But ......Who Rocked Up ?


As mentioned in a previous post below , we had a great time at our first 'Lunch Club' at the Fyansford Hotel. We have had strong interest expressed by many classmates in regard to this Bi-Monthly gathering. For the record , if you want to know who managed to get along to our first 'Lunch Club'....simply log in to members area and click the 'Lunch Club' Tab. The silhouette will be removed :)

Best Regards....................Frank Harvey

'LUNCH CLUB'  Launched !!!


Our very first 'Lunch Club' was held today at the Fyansford Hotel and it was a great success. I think the attendees would agree it is such a fine venue for us to chat over some tasty food and drink. (..........and Chat we did ! ).

Wonderful stories and anecdotes exchanged. Details and a few pics will be posted in the members area shortly.

If you are a Classmate ,not a member yet and wish to be a part of future events   ..........................................      

you can join by clicking the 'Log In' Button   

Best Regards....................Frank Harvey



'Lunch Club' has now been broadly advertised to all of our web site members and others who are classmates but not members.

I am pleased to say, we are receiving very positive feedback about the planned/mooted  gatherings.

If you are a Classmate ,not a member yet and wish to be a part of this.................................................

you can join by clicking the 'Log In' Button   

Best Regards....................Frank Harvey

'Annual Get Together'


Due to popular request, it is planned to hold a gathering of the 'Class of 1968' towards the end of this year. It will likely be a weekend Picnic/BBQ held in the Geelong region. If there is enough interest and it proves a success, this might evolve into an annual event.

It will be a casual arrangement ........a Family Day. No committees or organizing necessary. Just rock up on the day ......BYO etc. Date & Details will be posted here in coming months. In the meantime,if anyone is interested in a more regular catch up, see 'Lunch Club' below.

'Lunch Club'


A few of us have bravely tested the waters ........  and Yes, bottled water was indeed consumed among other liquid refreshments - all in the sincere cause of research .  Subsequent to this stringent 'Water Testing',..(so to speak), it has been decided that the inaugural Class of 1968  'Lunch Club' gathering  will be held on Wed 10th July 2019 @ 1pm in Geelong. It will be a loosely, Bi-Monthly event. Details within Members Area. Click on 'Lunch Club' Tab at top of page.

Easter Greetings


Best wishes to everyone for a Happy and Safe Easter.

Geelong's 60's Kids


Over the coming weeks ( NB: Perhaps months even ), you will be presented with images  which might  inspire long forgotten memories of growing up in the 1960s. These images will be particularly attuned to the experiences of kids in Australia....more so in Victoria ,.... &......esp. more so in Geelong.




The image above is of Vincent Serventy's wife and Children -Circa 1967..

Vincent ( and his Family ) were significant pioneers in the art of the naturalist documentary. Channel 9 Melbourne broadcast Vincent's documentary ( ie: 'Nature Walkabout' ) for many years circ 1965. Its content was 'Solid' and its background music was 'Sensational' !!!. At St Margaret's, we were often afforded the privilege of watching 'Nature Walkabout'. The One OR two available TVs back then were shuffled between classrooms on purpose built, rolling stands. These educational telecasts to kids at school  were revolutionary back then. Nonetheless, our parents, per the professional advice of our teachers of the time,agreed to allow such enjoyable schooling. Thanks Vincent.........where ever you are :)

The background music was commissioned by Vincent to an amazing composer..........Sven Libaek, Here is the Title Music below:

Nature Walkabout - Sven Libaek
00:00 / 00:00

Committee Celebrates !!


The St Margaret's 'Class of 1968,  'Reunion Committee' orchestrated a phenomenally successful 

1st December 2018 , 50 Year Reunion Event.

They subsequently got together recently to celebrate their achievement.


.........And Why Not Celebrate !!



Cheers........................Frank H

PS: More Videos 'In The Pipeline'.

2018 Reunion Slideshow


Those long awaited photos of our latest reunion have arrived.

Thanks to all contributors.

Again, if you have any other shots which you would like to share on our site .....

......(ie; In our private 'Members Area' )........

...........pls feel free to contact me ........

To See the Slideshow :

Just log in as a Member & Click on the  'Pictorial' Tab.


Cheers........................Frank H

PS: More Videos 'In The Pipeline'.

1988 Reunion -  Reminiscing


So happy to publish a 2nd video which is a showcase of photos from the 1988 Reunion.

We were all so much younger , many of us with young families and heavy responsibilities.

We wouldn't have missed this catch up though.

We made a brilliant day of it .

No one really forgets those who they grew up with.

To See the Video :

Just log in as a Member & Click on the  'Pictorial' Tab.

Cheers...........................Frank H

Cheers........................Frank H

2018 Reunion - Photo Booth


So Pleased to be able to publish an initial, commemorative video entitled 'A Photo Booth Opportunity'.

A big  thankyou to all who participated on the day and volunteered their faces.

To See the Video :

Just log in as a Member & Click on the  'Pictorial' Tab.

Cheers........................Frank H

Committee Celebrates


Hi All,

Well, last Saturday the 2018 Reunion Organizing Committee & their partners ,gathered to celebrate the

huge success of the Event. We also began casual discussions about future, periodic catch ups of the entire 'Class of 1968'.

Photos of Saturday's gathering can be found in the 'Pictorial' section.

(ie:Members simply sign In & click the 'Pictorials' tab within the Member's Area)

PS: Commemorative Videos of the Reunion not far away from being published on this site.

Best wishes....Frank Harvey

2018 - 50 Year Reunion


Hi Everyone.

Well ......I Know you have all been waiting patiently  for some images of the 2018 Reunion.


GOOD NEWS!! .....................Magnificent News Really


Photos are now emerging.

(NB: I had no time on the day of our take I am at the mercy of you guys )

Having said all of that..............please feel free to direct any other images you might have .....our way :)


Just spoke to 'AJ' last night and we laughed incessantly.

He is happy to have his  face displayed publicly ( ie: including his new  Sweetacres dentures) in support of his Ole' St Margaret's Primary School.

For that 'Ole Buddy' ..........We All Thank You!!​


Adrian's devotion to 'The  Arts' ,'His Friends' & 'Future Space Travel' is so Admirable !!!

and an Admirable person should wear an approriate hat.......

Thus I declare ..... Adrian's donned Admirals' hat most appropriate.

This picture is a forerunner to the images of our 2018 reunion, which we now have on offer within our members area.


SO....Members.....Sign In & ... Simply go to the 'Pictorials' tab within the Member's Area.

Best wishes.......................................Frank H

PS: Watch Out for the videos currently being produced :)

Our Parish History


Hi Everyone.

I hope you are all coping with the Hot Spell.

I actually managed, in the last week or so , to scan, edit and upload a magnificent document for you all to enjoy. Special Thanks to Anne Miller (ie: Current St Margaret's Admin Manager), for affording us a hardcopy of the same.

Essentially, it is a Booklet which was produced in 2000 to celebrate the 'Golden Jubilee ( ie: 50 Years Anniversary ) of the foundation of St Margaret's Parish. It is now available for our site Members to peruse online.  We do acknowledge inside, in the Members Area, the amazing efforts of those who produced this wonderful document. Once Signed In ,Click on the 'Parish History' Tab at the top of the page.





​Still  working on/editing  a remarkable 2018 reunion video  which I intend to publish

on this site the near future.

OK..........YES.......It IS Taking Time............BUT It will Be Worth It ......I Promise. !!!

Anyone with pics from the recent reunion ......we are still seeking and would be most appreciative of any images forwarded to post on our site.

Best wishes.......................................Frank H


St Margaret's Premiership Team 1970

NB: Unmasked version of photo, complete with names, has been uploaded to the Pictorial Section inside members' area.


This amazing photo ( NB: Faces deliberately blurred for privacy compliance), was taken by renowned, local, Geelong photographers, 'Robert Pockley Studios' in 1967. One must assume the actual photographer was delicately balanced / teetering  upon  the roof of the then, newly built,  'St Margaret's CO-OP Building' in Lomond Terrace. This building is still there but now used / run by the pupils as a play equipment storeroom / distribution point.

The entire contingent of St Margaret's Primary School of 1967 were expected to be involved in this shot.

Presumably , it was a fund raising / publicity exercise to achieve financial support for the school.

This amazing image was kindly donated by Sr Marion McDonald ( AKA Sr Mary Briga) RSM. Thankyou Sister Marion. Work is underway on breaking this into smaller parts of high definition which can be posted on this site in our members area. A colourized version is also underway. A copy of the 'unblurred' version is now posted in the 'Pictorial' section inside. Facial definition/ recognition will be limited at this stage owing to upload limitations.

Please Stay Tuned !


This photo , ( NB: unmasked image now in 'Pictorial' section inside ) , is of  Mr G...............  M................. ( Coach ) , Fr ......................  ( Assistant Coach /Team Chaplain) and the St Margaret's football team of 1970. Photo Silhouetted here for privacy.  Become a Member and see a lot more :)


 (Since 1st August 2018)






This site is dedicated to:

The 'Class Of 1968' being from... St Margaret's Parish, Primary School, East Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

It must be noted here that us 'kids' recently reunited

at the school on the 1st December 2018  and had a magnificent day.

This was to celebrate 50 Years since our group

graduated. This reunion could not have been realized without the incredible efforts of my colleagues on the reunion committee. Now that 'Class of 68 ers' have rediscovered each other, we look forward to many future social gatherings.

Best Regards to all classmates





........Frank Harvey



Our  wish is to make contact with our other classmates from Prep to Grade 6. 

We are also seeking 'Sisters of Mercy' Nuns, Lay Teachers, Parents, etc and

anyone else with an interest in joining our web site's  private 'Members' Area'.

Membership provides access to our Private  Blog, Forum and Photo Gallery.

Also, the ability to communicate with you allows us to keep you

informed on any news , upcoming events & future get togethers.

Please apply for membership.

It is easy and we really want you to be a part of this.

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MR Mc A...... THE ST MARGARET'S FOOTY COACH FROM BACK THEN IS PLANNINING TO COME TO THE REUNION   from back then iS planning   to come to OUR reunion !!! :)




SCHOOL YARD PHOTO #1   CIRCA 1965 - uploaded !!








Anita & Frank have released their grade 2 deb set Picture




Circa 1964 - uploaded !!

Reunion Committee Finalizing
Details For Our Big Day

*** Photo Publication By Permission Of 'The Committee Members' 


So Easy to recognize aren't we ?.......Haven't changed a bit !!!

This is most of us at our 19th October meeting. For the record, that is not Shiraz in the glasses. It is Pepsi Max.... trust us ! :) However, it must be noted, it is so blinking hard to work to a schedule when we just couldn't stop laughing.

From Left:(Colleen Carnegie (nee Brain) 

& Behind Her: Andrew Smith, Peter O'Keeffe, Peter Brazelis, Rhonda Desbrowe-Annear (nee Hovey), Jannine Dolley (nee Riches) And at back,from Left : Frank Harvey and David Dolley.

Members Not Present on Night: Terry Fowler

& Anita Kiss (nee Polgar )


Heading 5
St Margaret's School 9a.jpg


Do you know contact details of other classmates or anyone else who deserves to know about any news and upcoming events. If so, we would appreciate you forwarding any

information you may have.

Please contact Frank Harvey at:

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