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"So That's Where The Burner Got To" !!

Pictured is an Australian built satellite code named 'The Burner'.

Developed in the 1960's at the 'Woomera Rocket Range', its eventual mission was simple enough...."track all of the lunch wrappers blowing around in Australian school yards and disintegrate them ".

This inspired type of thinking was decades ahead of AO Ian Kiernan's 'Clean Up Australia' campaign.

Disintegration was intended to be via the multitude of protrusions displayed on the outside of the 'orb'.

The intention was to install .... quote: "Impressively Accurate' laser ray guns onto each of the said protrusions in subsequent, launched versions"......ibid..CSIRO Astrology Division 19-04-67.

Alas, it was felt the technology was not there yet in 1968 and Govt. priorities changed ( ie: As they do ). Nonetheless,

'The Burner' continues to orbit the earth as a reminder of how far we have come since then.

The 'Ole Burner' is still up there, loyally awaiting its mission instructions....sadly which will never come.

Cheers...........Frank Harvey (St Margaret's Alumnus)

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