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"Not That Yucky One Mum!! ... I want a Coca Cola Yo Yo"

Yeah..........we so gave our parent's grief each time a new kids' trend arrived on the scene.

Coca Cola Yo Yos were the epitome of such a trend driven drain on a hard working parent's pocket,

back in the 1960's. And Yo Yo Season just kept coming back year after year............with new designs and colours.

I for one, decided on a Fanta Yo Yo as I preferred Fanta to Coke as a soft drink and I felt the 'Burnt Orange' colouring was much more refined and in keeping with 60's trends.

Update: 02-8-18

NB: According to reliable sources, young Peter Brazelis won the 'St Margaret's School Yo Yo Champion Competition' when the troupe came to visit. There is little knowledge on who he actually beat to get there in the final knock out.

Peter was a Star performer according to my source ... LOL...and had to perform, 'Around The World', 'Standard Spin', 'Dog Bite', & 'Rock The Baby' to name a few.

Heck....The way I did them was 'Around My Leg' ,'Standard Tangle', Scare The Dog' & 'Kill The Baby'.

Maybe with a bit of prompting...........there is plenty of demo practice time till 1st December Peter .... ;)

Hope you enjoy this clip.

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